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This blog post in intended for anyone who is familiar with Nuxeo Studio and is interested to learn a bit more about automation chains.
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Nuxeo: Managing Deleted Documents
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Nuxeo is an ECM system. Nuxeo keeps track of a document's history, tracking important facts about the document's creation and about each edit.
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Nuxeo Studio is an online service that provides a vast array of features to help users manage their enterprise content better in Nuxeo Platform.
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Aleksander Farstad presented plans for eZ Systems' strategy for the coming months on eZ Sessions.
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Not every edit to a website is a good one. But for users of the eZ Publish content management system, it's easy to roll back to a prior version. This HD video by Granite Horizon CEO Greg McAvoy-Jensen shows you how.
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Learn how to add images to your eZ Publish content management system with this demo video. Two techniques are demonstrated: using an image gallery already on the site, and uploading a new image.
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Ready to dive into managing your eZ Publish website? Here's the first step: learning how to log in, find the content you want to change, and make some edits. Granite Horizon's CEO Greg McAvoy-Jensen shows you how in this video.
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New to eZ Publish? Considering it for a project, or just evaluating the options out there? Here is a video describing eZ Publish in brief.
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Yesterday eZ Systems announced to its partners and customers that eZ Publish 5 Platform is now available for this use.
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In November eZ Publish Enterprise will be released with its new major version: eZ Publish 5. The community project edition of eZ Publish will be making use of eZ Publish 5 late next week.
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Mobile web technology is now mature and adoption is substantial. In some parts of the world, it's already dominant. It's time to determine your mobile strategy.
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Ars Logica's Tony White: Price versus Quality in CMS products
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Ars Logica's Tony White compares price versus quality in CMS products.
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I researched four low cost cloud-based membership management solutions: Neon, Wild Apricot, Club Runner, and Membee. The results revealed some great, affordable solutions for non-profits. We also learned about integrating membership management software with a content management system.
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It’s no secret that digital marketing has become much more of a “social conversation” that we’re having and online content management tools are really becoming “online conversation” tools. Content coming into the organization is sometimes as (or more) important than content going out. Couple that with the struggling economics of most of our marketing budgets (doesn’t it seem like we’re always struggling) and the fact that we have to measure so much more – and you’ve got the recipe for a daunting challenge.
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Extending Marketing Reach with Key CMS Integrations
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Using a content management system (CMS) for web content management brings a variety of efficiencies for cost savings and higher return on investment (ROI). This post is meant to help those already using a CMS to verify that they are making the most of it, and to help those considering a switch to a CMS to know what kind of savings they might expect.
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Implementing a new CMS is always a lot of work. With some good decisions early in the process you can keep your costs under control. Here are five easy steps.
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A traditional (sometimes called "on-site," "on-premise," or "installed") CMS is delivered in the way we have been used to having our software. You buy the license to it, and have it installed on a server you select. In the SaaS CMS model, you don't buy the software. The vendor provides its functionality to you as a subscription, using servers you don't have to worry about. Here are some of the key differences.
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What is the cloud, and what does it have to do with web content management (WCM)? The term “cloud” actually refers to the Internet; the great granddaddy of networks, on which we now communicate immensely. Content managers have two levels main levels of cloud possibilities available to them.
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Musings of Greg McAvoy-Jensen about what Microsoft could do with Skype.
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Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, spoke to a local gathering of technology leaders a few days ago. He's an engineer's engineer, and proud of it. But what impressed me most about him was his drive for excellence in creativity.
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On February 9th, 2011 I interviewed Luke Barton, Managing Director of eZ Systems Americas, about the 2011 eZ Winter Conference in Nice, France.
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A content management system (CMS) is more than just a database; it should facilitate the process of helping search engines understand your content. This it does by helping you structure your information so both humans and search engines can know what you've got easily.
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When prospects evaluate whether your organization is sufficiently reputable to do business with, one thing they notice is location. Not everyone runs a retail business, and not everyone needs a storefront. But if you have some kind of office location beyond a home office, consider leveraging that fact to drive traffic to your site.
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QR codes are like barcodes for web sites. QR codes are a great way to help prospects visit your website. They encounter one of these codes in your brochure, and simply scan it with their mobile phone. Instantly their phone browser arrives on your website. They look a technical but are perhaps the easiest marketing tool available to web content managers.
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